A Charitable Initiative. A Thousand Hearts Run in Aid of Children’s Hearts

The Children’s Surgery National Applied Research Hospital (CSNARH) under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk City Executive Committee, Belarussian Trade Union of Healthcare Workers and National Olympic Committee together with Velcom Company runs a charitable initiative A Thousand Hearts Run.

On May, 27-28 Belarusians around the globe can run any distance at any time with own smartphone with any fitness app to track the distance, time and form of the run. Run results need to be posted in any social network with a hashtag #velcombegom. All kms covered by the participants will be converted by velcom into funds on 2 BYN by 1 km basis. All those who will manage to make the route heart shaped will raise double funds, i.e. on 4 BYN by 1 km basis.

All funds raised will be transferred for acquisition of unique equipment for early diagnostic of structural heart defects in Belarussian kids.

On May, 27 the first massive fundraising run, plotted in a shape of a heart, will take place in Minsk, wherein every volunteer can contribute in aid of children with cardiac and vessel impairments. In its turn Velcom will convert all km into rubles (4 BYN per 1 km) and will transfer the amount to CSNARH. According to the information of the press-service of the mobile operator, hundreds of people including sportsmen, ministers, doctors, entertainers and simply non-indifferent people will run around Minsk-Arena.

A fundraising run starts on Saturday, May, 27 at 12pm. A looped heart-shaped route is plotted around Minsk-Arena for all participants. A single loop makes up 1.1 km., however, the number of loops depends on every runner: some will cover 10 hearts, some just one.

Participation in the run is open and requires no registration. About 500 people are expected to take part in the run around Minsk-Arena including famous sportsmen, artists and public figures. First Vice-President of the National Olympic Committee Andrey Astashevich, Minister of Healthcare Valery Malashko, First Deputy Minister Dmitry Pinevich and Deputy Chairman of Minsk City Committee Igor Yurkevich are planning to join the run. The doctors and experts of CSNARH, who perform complicated pediatric cardiac surgeries, will make their contribution in the run too.

Every volunteer will be able to raise funds in aid of children with cardiac and vessel disorders. You just need a smartphone tracking the route via any fitness app to be posted in any social network with a screenshot and hashtag #velcombegom. All kms covered by the runners will be converted by velcom into funds on 4 BYN by 1 km basis. All those who plan to run without a smartphone will also be able to contribute, they just need to contact the organizers before start.

The route will be plotted in a shape of a colorful heart around Minsk-Arena. Moreover, ‘Uzari’ and ‘Minskoye More’ will make a live concert for all participants who will get special medals.

“A massive heart-shaped run will be organized in Minsk for the first time. It is unique not only because of its shape, but also due to organization: every volunteer will be able to raise BYN 4 by running in aid of children with heart diseases. Not coincidentally, sportsmen, doctors, artists, public and state figures will run together,” underscored Vyacheslav Smirnov, Head of velcom PR. “Thus locals and guests of the city will not only promote a healthy lifestyle, but make a good deed. We do hope it will be a paramount important and memorable event for all of them.”

One can run in aid of children in any other location. Any volunteer around the world can join a fundraising initiative A Thousand Hearts Run taking place on 27 and 28 of May. Every Belarusian who will take a smartphone for a run and track the distance will raise 2 BYN per 1 km. All those who will plot the route in a shape of a heart will raise double amount, i.e. 4 BYN per 1 km.

A Thousand Hearts Run is organized by the Company velcom and under the auspices of National Olympic Committee and Ministry of Healthcare aimed at aid to children, popularization of healthy life style and devolvement of running culture in Belarus.

CSNARH renders surgical service to children with heart and chest organs defects. The specialists perform high tech surgeries on heart, including necessary diagnostics, heart transplantation or implantation of assisted circulation systems if necessary.