The Children’s Surgery National Applied Research Hospital actively develops international cooperation with foreign partners. We are open to international relations and we are willing to consider the proposals for cooperation. A frame agreement of the Children’s Surgery National Applied Research Hospital on cooperation with international organizations can be downloaded here. A partnership proposal can be downloaded here.

Cooperation with international scientific organizations

A meeting was held with the BIOMED cluster leaders of the Skolkovo Innovation Fund on the issues of long-term cooperation.Cooperation with the Russian National Public Organization Russian Child Cardiologists Association (Moscow, Russia) is developing. Together with the Association, it is planned to develop Children’s Arrhythmology at the Children’s Surgery National Applied Research Hospital.  The Children’s Surgery National Applied Research Hospital initiated the development of cooperation in science, innovative projects and telehealth with the medical centers of Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Russia. At present Cooperation agreement and Agenda for 2017 is being considered by the potential partners:

  • Russian National Public Organization The Russian Child Cardiologists Association;
  • Republican State Budget-Supported Enterprise The Scientific Center for Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • The Arabkir Medical Centre – The Institute of Child and Adolescent Health of the Republic of Armenia
  • The Department of Pediatric Surgery of Yerevan State Medical University after Mikhitar Heratsi
  • The Medical Center of I.K.Akhunbaev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
  • The National Research Cardiac Surgery Center, Astana, Kazakhstan