A National Research Seminar on Challenging Issues of Critical Care Medicine in Pediatric Surgery: Clinical and Morphological Parallels of Renal Dysfunctions

The Children’s Surgery National Applied Research Hospital hosted the National Research Seminar on challenging issues of critical care medicine in pediatric surgery: clinical and morphological parallels of renal dysfunctions on May 31, 2018.

More than 60 cardiac surgeons (specialized in artificial circulatory support), intensivists, pediatric physicians, pathologists participated in the Seminar. The specialists from Saint-Petersburg and Moscow were engaged in the Seminar.

The Seminar was devoted to one of the key issues in pediatric critical care medicine in cardiac surgery – prevention of renal dysfunctions by using artificial circulatory support methods in children with congenital heart and vessels defects. Participation of highly-qualified specialists in various fields of medicine ensured development of optimal and effective approaches to prevention of renal system under cardiopulmonary bypass in children.

Scientific approaches and experimental data of ultrastructural changes in renal system in case of acute kidney injury were thoroughly discussed to enable intensivists to get a more systematic and deep angle on this pathology and to correct clinical approaches concerning diagnosis as well as treatment of children having this pathology or being at risk.


Discussion of morphogenetic changes and preceding processes in kidneys under acute renal injury gave an option to develop an understanding of the newest global trends in preventive care and treatment. Reports based on practical activity of the Children’s Surgery National Applied Research Hospital were presented during the Seminar. Data on pathomorphological changes in experimental models of acute kidney injury conceived an explanation to the reports demonstrated functional recovery of renal system after long renal dysfunctions.

Promising scientific aspects of research on peculiarities of renal dysfunctions morphogenesis under cardiopulmonary bypass and development of new approaches to treatment and preventive care were determined during the Seminar.

The Seminar contributed to professional development of doctors, perfection of pediatric medical care, supporting further development of critical care medicine and pediatric cardiac surgery, improvement of the children’s quality of life of the Republic of Belarus.

All participants received seminar materials on CD in the format of electronic books.