The team of the Children’s Surgery National Applied Research Hospital , headed by Konstantin Drozdovski, is the first in CIS-countries to performe Damus-Rastelli Procedure

For the first time in CIS-countries Damus-Rastelli Procedure was performed in a three months old baby at the Children’s Surgery National Applied Research Hospital. The procedure is an extremely complicated correction of left heart hypoplastic. This surgery is being performed onlly at several cardiac surgical clinics in the world.

The surgery lasted 14 hours. After the procedure a small patient can worriless grow and develop. If the surgeons hadn’t performed Damus-Rastelli Procedure, the baby would go throw several open-heart surgeries during next four years.

 According to RACHS the procedure’s risk index equaled 6 score, i.e. the highest risk ratio.
The patient is undergoing rehabilitation at the MOTHER AND CHILD National Applied Research Hospital. There will be no restrictions for the baby in the short term. Radical correction of the congenital defect allowed to secure normal hemodynamics.
The surgical team performed Damus-Rastelli Procedure in a three months old baby for the first time in CIS-countries:
  • Operator: Konstantin Drozdovski.
  • Assistants, cardiac surgeons: Yury Linnik and Mikhail Shved.
  • Anesthetists: Dmitry Leskovsky and Elena Trofimovich.
  • Perfusionists: Elena Korolkova, Albert Garipov.
  • Scrub nurses: Olga Roschenko, Elena Nikolaenko.
  • Nurses-anesthetists: Nina Gertsovskaya, Yuliya Kupratsevich.
  • ECC Nurses: Anna Borisevich, Svetlana Bykova.