Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery №1

2 floor

  • Head of the Department
    Bashkevich Alexandr Vladimirovich                                Chief nurse
    Levchuk Tatyana Rimovna

Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery №1 specializes in providing consultative, diagnostic and surgical care to patients with heart rhythm disorder as well as congenital and acquired heart and macrovessels pathologies. Annually our surgeons perform about 500 operations of various degrees of complexity for children aged from the period of newborn up to 18 years.

Department staff

The medical team of the Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery №1 is represented by highly qualified specialists, who have completed internships in the clinics of the USA, Germany, Austria, Poland and Russia. The staff of the department regularly attend various international congresses and symposiums devoted to the issues of pediatric cardiac surgery and cardiology, and also maintain close contact with their numerous colleagues from the near and far abroad.

Department Services

Due to longstanding and successful work of the team, the clinic has accumulated a unique experience of surgical treatment of the full spectrum of congenital heart diseases, including:
  • emergency surgery of new born children with critical congenital heart diseases:

    operation of arterial switching during transposition of great vessels, plasty of aortic critical coarctation, plasty of aortic arch with hypoplasia and aortic arch break, correction of truncus arteriosus, aorto-pulmonary window, total anomalous pulmonary venous connection, anomalous origin of coronary arteries from main pulmonary artery, superimposition of aorto-pulmonary anastamosis with pulmonary atresia, Norwood operation at the hypoplastic left-heart syndrome, Blalock-Hanlon operation at tricuspid atresia, etc.

  • staged hemodynamic correction of congenital heart diseases:

    bidirectional cavapulmonary anastomosis operation (Glenn procedure or Hemi-Fontan procedure) and Fontan procedure at hypoplastic left-heart or right-heart syndrome, as well as other forms of common ventricle

  • correction of septal congenital heart diseases:

    correction of truncus arteriosus communis (including multiple TAC), pulmonary artery bandaging, correction of double-outlet right ventricle, plasty of atrial septal defect (isolated, and also in combination with anomalous pulmonary venous connection)

  • repair of Fallot’s tetrad:

    definitive and mitigating surgical repair of Fallot’s tetrad

  • correction of AV communication:

    radical and nonradical surgical correction of auriculoventricular communication

  • correction of congenital cardiac valve disease, and also Ebstein Anomaly:

    plastic and aortic valve replacement, Ross procedure, plastic and repair of cardiac AV valve, correction of Ebstein Anomaly

  • endovascular surgical correction of congenital heart defects:

    closure (occlusion) of atrial septal defect and truncus arteriosus communis defect, embolization of the open arterial duct and aorto-pulmonary collaterals, balloon dilation of stenosis of aortic and pulmonary valve, and also stenosis of the main and peripheral vessels, stenting of the coarctation of the aorta, stenting of the outlet section of the right ventricle at Fallot’s tetrad

  • treatment of pulmonary hypertension:

    treatment and examination of the patients with pulmonary hypertension of various etiology

  • surgical correction of heart rhythm disorder:

    pacemaker implantation and also resynchronizing devices