Cost of paid medical services

The cost of services is given in dollars for convenience of patients. The payment for services is in Belarusian rubles. The cost of services is indicated excluding the cost of consumables, the number of days spent in hospital during inpatient treatment, and the cost of meals.


Service Price, BYN Price, USD
1 Ultrasound of the liver, gallbladder without definition of functions
2 Ultrasound of liver, gallbladder with function definition
3 Ultrasound of the pancreas
4 Ultrasound of the spleen
5 Intestinal ultrasound without fluid filling
6 Ventricle ultrasound with fluid filling
7 Ultrasound of the kidneys and adrenal glands
8 Ultrasound of the bladder
9 Ultrasound of the urinary bladder with the determination of residual urine
10 Ultrasonography of kidneys, adrenals and bladder
11 Ultrasonography of kidneys, adrenals and bladder with determination of residual urine
12 Ultrasound of scrotum
13 Ultrasound of the uterus and appendages with the bladder (transabdominal)
14 Ultrasound of the thyroid gland with lymphatic surface nodes
15 Ultrasound of mammary glands with lymphatic surface nodes
16 Ultrasound of soft tissues
17 Head scan of newborns
18 Ultrasound of the pleural cavity
19 Ultrasound of the lymph nodes (one region on both sides)
20 Echocardiography (M + B mode + Doppler + color mapping)
21 Transesophageal echocardiography
22 Transcranial duplex scanning of arteries or veins of the base of the brain



Patients' scheme of actions

Step-by-step guide for patients who apply for paid medical services
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Payment for medical services

Detailed information on the procedure and methods of payment for medical services provided on a paid basis
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