Department of Surgery for Neonates and Premature Infants

4-th floor  –  Department for Pediatric Surgery №4

  • Head of the Department: Yury Grinevich                           Chief nurse of the Department: Viktoriya Komar

The Department of Surgery for Noenates and Premature Infants began functioning in the structure of the Children’s Surgery National Applied Research Hospital, inheriting almost half a century of experience of the Belarusian Pediatric Surgical Center in the issues of surgical treatment of newborns and children of the first (up to 3) months of life with congenital and acquired surgical pathology.

Department staff

The employees of the department have a vast experience in the treatment and care of newborns and premature babies with various surgical pathologies. Many of them passed internships in medical centers in the USA, Germany, Austria and Ireland. The medical team of the surgical department №4 actively cooperates with its Russian colleagues from the leading clinics of St. Petersburg and Moscow, as well as pediatric surgeons of Israel.

Department Services