Our History

In January 1970 the Nationwide Multi-Field Children’s Surgery Hospital was created in Minsk ​​under the guidance of Oleg Severyanovich Misharev, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor,  with the direct participation of the employees of the Pediatric Surgery Department of Moscow State Medical Institute and the Pediatric Surgery Department of Belarus State Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors. The Hospital included 5 specialized departments: emergency, non-emergency, thoracic, purulent and trauma. The Pediatric Critical Care Department (PCCD) in Belarus was opened at the Children’s Surgery Hospital. It was the first PCCD in Belarus. Its activities were carried out with the direct participation of the course employees (since 1975), and then the Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology and Intensive Care (since 1989).

The challenges faced by the team of the Children’s Surgery Hospital at that time were the following: reduction of mortality from acute appendicitis, diagnosis and improvement of treatment of purulent surgical diseases, congenital malformations, trauma in children and many other problems. Three-stage treatment of patients with appendicular peritonitis was proposed as a solution to these problems: preoperative preparation, surgery and post-operative intensive care, a method of early diagnosis and treatment of acute osteomyelitis was developed in the Hospital, which contributed to the elimination of mortality and reduction in the number of children with disabilities, significant progress was made in the treatment of children with congenital malformations of the digestive tract, chest, traumatic injuries.

In 1975 a Laboratory for the study of homeostasis in purulent infections in children was opened to improve the results of treatment of children with septic disease at the Pediatric Surgery Department of Minsk Medical Institute . The questions of hemodynamic homeostasis, fluid and electrolyte balance, carbohydrate and energy metabolism, and others were studied in the Laboratory. The main feature of the Laboratory was applied nature of research, so almost all the researches of the Laboratory were introduced into clinical practice, not only the Children’s Surgery Hospital, but also in other therapeutic and prophylactic institutions of Belarus and the former Soviet Union. The Laboratory functioned until 1998.

The scientists of the Laboratory published more than 400 scientific papers, received more than 30 innovations, 6 inventor’s certificates, protected 7 candidate and 2 doctoral dissertations (V.N. Arinchin, V.V. Dmitriev). The Hospital was the only one in the former USSR, which made pediatric open heart surgeries.

In the 90-ies the main challenges faced by the Pediatric Surgery Department and Children’s Surgery Hospital were re-equipment of the Hospital as the old equipment did not allow to achieve good results in treatment of newborns, to reduce postoperative complications, to operate on the open heart.

Among the many foreign delegations (from America, Canada, Germany and others.) the sponsors were found: Schnoor Jutta and her husband Herbert Schnoor created a fund in Germany to assist the Children’s Surgery Hospital in Minsk and invested humanitarian aid about 15 million DM into the reconstruction of the Hospital.

Due to the reconstruction by German specialists, the Hospital received four modernly equipped operation rooms with air conditioning and modern sterilization. The new Intensive Care Department, angiographic, sonographic and X-ray rooms, other services and rooms were equipped with modern equipment. After the reconstruction of the Hospital mortality reduced significantly, the number of postoperative complications reduced and the quality of children treatment improved.

The scientists of the Pediatric Surgery Department and Children’s Surgery Hospital protected 15 doctoral and more than 50 master’s theses on the basis of the Hospital’s clinical material, received more than 60 certificates of authorship, published more than 20 monographs and more than 70 teaching aids and a number of scientific papers.

On December 31, 2004 the Children’s Cardiac Surgery Hospital was opened on the basis of the departments of the Children’s Surgery Hospital and the National Applied Research Hospital Cardiology specialized in the treatment of congenital heart diseases.

Every year more than 7000 children were provided with medical treatment, including more than 1 200 children with congenital cardio – vascular system diseases received surgical treatment in the National Applied Research Hospital Cardiology. Annually more than 8 000 children are examined and receive surgical treatment at the Children’s Surgery Hospital.

At the same time a significant number of children require surgical care by surgeons and physicians-surgeons simultaneously. The world experience of pediatric surgical centers shows that the best results in the treatment of such children are achieved in the centers providing all kinds of surgical care. In this regard, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus decided to organize a new hospital for children, which brought together the pediatric heart surgery of the National Applied Research Hospital Cardiology and the Children’s Surgery Hospital.

The Children’s Surgery National Applied Research Hospital started its work in January 1, 2015.