Provision of medical services to non-residents

The Children’s Surgery National Applied Research Hospital provides medical services to non-residents on a paid basis in accordance with the current Provision on the procedure of providing paid services at the Children’s Surgery National Applied  Research Hospital.

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Doctors’ consultations

Consultations are carried out by highly skilled specialists of the highest category with a large clinical experience

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A wide range of consultative and diagnostic assistance, including the entire spectrum of ultrasound and functional diagnostic methods, are provided

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Surgical Treatment

Both planned surgical and cardio surgical care, and 24-hour emergency surgical care for patients are provided


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Procedure of medical services provision:

  • provision of paid medical services is carried out by a preliminary appointment, or without it, subject to availability of free time in a reception schedule of a specialist providing a service

  • with purpose of obtaining medical services on a paid basis, a corresponding agreement is concluded between the patient and the Hospital’s administration with subsequent payment for the given service

  • one-time services are provided after prepayment of full cost of a service in accordance with the current price list

  • complex medical services (inpatient treatment) are provided after prepayment, including cost of stay in the clinic and approximate cost of treatment, followed by a final calculation after completion of treatment

Paid services

Step-by-step guide for patients

Step-by-step guide for patients who apply for paid medical services

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Cost of paid medical services

Paid medical services are provided in accordance with the approved list of services and the price-list for medical services

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Payment for medical services

Detailed information on the procedure and methods of payment for medical services provided on a paid basis

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